Thursday, June 5, 2014


Blouse - Monki / Skirt - Urban Outfitters / Shoes - Vagabond

Hey all! To get the summer posting started, I thought I'd show you this outfit that I especially liked. I wore it to my friend's little brother's graduation party last weekend. I love monochrome outfits combined with a pop of colour - in this case, the orange sandals.

By the way, guess what? As if six months of flu wasn't enough, I woke up yesterday with an infected eye. Today the infection had spread to the other one, too, so I went to the doctor's to get some eye drops. Thankfully, I'll have to walk around with bloodshot eyes only for a few days. I don't know what I'd do without modern medicine :D

Enjoy the sun, everyone!


  1. The outfit is perfect! I especially love the shoes--I find most high heeled shoes too high but these seem to be quite comfortable!
    I hope you get better soon! xx

    1. Thanks! :) I love the shoes, too, and you're right - they really are comfortable :)