Saturday, January 4, 2014


Here comes the first batch of my Berlin photos!

So. I've been back from Berlin for 4 days now and guess what I brought back as a souvenir? A flu! I thought it was nothing but it got significantly worse last night, boo hoo. The up side is I get to spend the whole day under my blanket watching Harry Potter movies (like I wouldn't be doing that anyway).

Berlin was great. We got to spend time as a family and walked around a lot. Things I noticed: wurst and other grilled things smell everywhere, restaurants don't accept card payment and it takes forever for the light to turn green. There is a large spectre of different kinds of architecture; everything from neoclassical to Soviet. The prices are much lower than in Finland.

Our trip was mostly sightseeing, eating and shopping - a basic family vacation. Had I been in Berlin with friends, I would have wanted to visit bars, pubs and clubs and see the nightlife, which is supposed to be one of the most diverse scenes in the world. You can't do everything in three whole days, though, so maybe it was a good thing to first get to know the town a little :) I'll definitely be going back with friends some day!

If you're visiting Berlin, here are some of the places you should see (pictured above):
- Brandenburg Tor and Pariser Platz. Massive and historical.
- Denkmal für die ermordeten Juden Europas (=the memorial for the murdered Jews of Europe). Heart-stopping.
- Bundestag, the German parliament building. It is an old building with a modern glass dome built at the top. You can reserve a visit to the dome, which is a great way to see over the rooftops of Berlin. Plus, the security guy wished me happy birthday when he saw my ID ;)
- Gendarmenmarkt, a beautiful Italian-style piazza with two old churches (a German and a French one) facing each other.
- Oranienburger Straße in Prentzlauer Berg, where the old Jewish blocks are set. You'll also find the gorgeous Neue Synagoge with its golden dome.
- East Side Gallery, which is a memorial of the Berlin wall, is in Kreuzberg. I'll be posting about that and Checkpoint Charlie later! I'll also do a separate post of Berlin's shopping opportunities and restaurants.

Have a nice weekend folks! :)

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