Saturday, January 25, 2014


October was a pretty average month: studying, choir stuff, seeing friends. I adored the orange and yellow trees and the crisp autumn air. One of the best things in October was seeing the Magic Flute at the Finnish National Opera.

If October was average, November certainly was not! The month started off with the anniversary of our student organization, which was a ball so I got to wear my evening dress from Mango :) After that there was #Slush13, the biggest startup event in Finland, where I worked as a volunteer in the social media team and had a great time. I also performed at a choir concert, saw Hunger Games: Catching Fire (which was mind-blowing!) and went to a Robert Normandeau concert (incredible music). I also started my new job. So lots of great stuff happened in November, but needless to say, I was pretty tired after all the happenings.

December. Christmas concerts and pre-Christmas parties (=pikkujoulut). I remember how excruciatingly painful it was to write my last essay before the holidays, but somehow I managed. Then it was time for Christmas, but for some reason I really didn't catch the spirit like before - I guess you kind of lose the magic along the way. I hope it'll re-emerge when (if) I have kids some day and see them enjoying their presents.
After Christmas, I visited Berlin with my family! It was a pretty standard holiday with the shopping, the sightseeing and the dining - not a lot of excitement, but a great way to spend time with the folks :) We came back on New Year's Eve, so I got to spend the night at my friend's house party.

I've been writing mainly about the stuff I did during the year, but the most important aspect of 2013 was my mental growth. I am slowly getting more confident with myself and learning to love the person I am. I have battled with my identity and what I want my future to look like. I still need to work on my stress levels and the way I see life - however cheesy it may sound, I want to learn to appreciate every moment and just enjoy the ride.

I'm trying to make up my mind on whether 2013 was a good year or not. I think the right words would be consuming, eventful and fuzzy.

2014. The words I'm looking for this time are crazy and rewarding. Bring it on.

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