Monday, January 20, 2014


July was when I really managed to relax. I spent some time at our summer cottage. Looking back to my calendar, it seems that I went to a lot of movies and café dates with friends. One of the most memorable things in July was seeing the impressive Tall Ship Races visit Helsinki.

In August I visited Tallinn with Annina and Melissa, celebrated my grandma's 80th birthday and enjoyed the last days of sunny Helsinki. The upcoming school year started stressing me out pretty early, though.

There are no proper images from September, so I had to use Instagram shots for this one. The lack of photos describes well the mess I was going through. School started and as a sophomore student I was a tutor for the freshmen, so not only did I have to take care of myself, but others too. I had a lot to do and tried to keep myself happy, but it was nearly impossible. I constantly ended up feeling depressed, not only because of stress but also because of personal things happening in my life. I used drawing as a way to let my feelings out, which really helped me cleanse my mind from time to time. I tried to keep myself together by planning my weeks thoroughly - the aim was to get through all my work, but with smaller stress levels than before. That plan wasn't a big success, though. :D

Part IV coming up!

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