Tuesday, January 14, 2014


April was without a doubt my favourite month of 2013. I visited my French cousin in Turku, where she spent the year as an exchange student. That particular weekend was when spring started, and I remember sitting at a Sunday brunch outside in the sunshine with my sister, my cousin and her friend feeling light and happy.
The second half of April was when all the Wappu stuff started. Wappu, the first of May, is the biggest celebration of the year for university students, and especially for us tech students, since it's when the first years get their teekkarilakki - traditional white caps with a black string at the other side. It's pretty similar to the Finnish high school graduation cap, which is worn by all other high school graduates and university students on Wappu. Anyway, we first years had two weeks of different kinds of parties and rituals of becoming a true teekkari before we got our caps. I was super happy and active all the time!

On the first of May, I actually got my cap (you can see it above!). After Wappu I had some exams and, obviously, I was super tired of juggling school and parties for two weeks (well, to be honest, I had been doing that more or less during the whole freshman year). I was close to a burn out since I had been doing EVERYTHING at the same time since September. The increasing amount of light and warmth somehow helped me pull myself through the last school work.

When June came, it was time for my sister's graduation, which got me all emotional :') My holidays started and suddenly I had nothing to do. After the exhausting year I had decided not to work during the summer, but to wind down and maybe do a few courses. It wasn't as relaxing as I thought it would have been, as I was left with a lot of time on my hands to contemplate on life and my identity, which at times made me anxious. Thank God I had a choir trip to Tampere and other things with friends, which kept me active and enjoying the sun. June also contained the beautiful Finnish midsummer.

Parts III & IV coming up soon!:)

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