Sunday, January 12, 2014


The year 2013 started off with the RUK course ball, where I went as an avec for a friend. I got to dress up in a pretty evening gown from Mango and my sister did my hair. Afterwards, however, I got sick of the dry ends of my long hair and cut it short - I think I'll make this a January ritual, since I have an appointment for a haircut in a few weeks ;)

February was a month of snow. The darkness of the winter started to fade and we saw some rays of sun, which made me happier than in a long time. February was also a month of contemplating my body image, my future and who I am (though I'd say the whole year was more or less about those things).

March. I felt somewhat lost and down, I had no idea where I was heading. I made myself feel better by seeing a lot of friends. I tried to eat healthy and keep myself active.

All in all, the first months of 2013 were a blur of melancholy and stress. I was in a constant flu, which prevented me from doing some of the things that I love, like singing and going to the gym. It was cold and I longed for spring. I was super active and multitasked every second of my days, and ended up being tired and unhappy. Not the way to go folks, I'm telling you. To be continued.

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