Sunday, December 15, 2013



I've been dying to tell you guys (but haven't bothered to do the collage before this) - I'm spending my 21st birthday in BERLIN! So psyched! I leave after Christmas and come back for New Year's. Guess the German 1 course I took this autumn was a good idea ;)

I've already gone through some ideas what I want to see while in the city. We're going with my family so my parents and my sister will, of course, have their own agendas too, but these are my must sees!

♥ The Berlin wall. It must be fascinating to be surrounded by such powerful history.
♥ The basic tourist stuff - Branderburger Tor, Potsdamer Platz, Reichstag...
♥ Street art. Lots of it.
♥ Kurfürstendamm - the biggest shopping street (you know me...). Especially looking forward to Urban Outfitters and Forever 21 (must visit that one on the 29th, haha).
♥ A vintage store my friend tipped me of: Kleidermarkt on Ahornstraße!
♥ Schillersstraße is supposed to be full of nice bars.
♥ I've heard that Friedrichschain and Kreuzberg are great areas full of cute boutiques, restaurants and cafés.
♥ Prentzlauerberg - another nice area, a friend told that especially Kastanienallee has lots of lovely places.
♥ The Mauerpark flea market and the Alexanderplatz Christmas market.

If you've been to Berlin, tips would very much be appreciated! I only have a few days in Germany, but I'll try to explore as much as possible :)

Have a lovely Sunday night! ♥


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