Sunday, December 8, 2013


I have been Christmas dreaming since August, and now it's finally time to start posting about it ;) I have a few wishes concerning presents, and thought I'd share them with you! Click the names of the products to navigate to web stores.

1. Mochita Backpack Mustard - I am crazy about backpacks, and this little cutie would fit my collection perfectly. Not big enough to fit school stuff, but great for summer strolls around the city. 
2. Pura Lopez Colette Pumps - All of my heels are peeptoe. Yup, seriously. I need a classy pair of black pumps, and I believe that these are the ones.
3. Shepherd Slippers - Winter is here and who doesn't love keeping their toes fuzzy and warm?
4. Oiva Teapot - I have recently become a tea fanatic and this red teapot is just too cute to handle!
5. Sarpaneva Pot - Design, quality, tradition.
6. Kala KA-SEM Soprano Exotic Mahogany Ukulele - As I have mentioned before, I love singing. I also play the piano, but it would be great to have an instrument that you can carry with you! I have tried out the ukulele a few times, and it's totally my instrument since it's small and cute. :)
7. Abercrombie Britt Flannel Sleep Shorts - I used to have a pair of pyjama shorts like these, but I forgot them in London a few years ago :( they were my favourites and a new pair would make me happy.
8. Derwent Artists or Studios - In addition to singing, I love drawing. Up until now I've done most of my work with a pencil, but I have started longing for colour in my drawings. A good set of colouring pencils would do the trick.

What's on your wishlist for Christmas?

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  1. cute shorts! i have really similar ones, from like high school! hehe xx

    moustachic ♡
    Twitter/Instagram: @moustachic