Thursday, August 22, 2013


I've been neglecting my basics for far too long, so last Friday, I decided to get some classy pieces for autumn that will mix with just about everything. So here they are, my fall shoppings!

1. Lisa jeans / Gina Tricot
Nope, I seriously haven't owned unfaded black jeans in.... 7 years. These were the perfect fit.

2. Strappy top / Zara
This spaghetti strap top from Zara is a hit from this summer. It'll work just fine under blazers in the autumn, too.

3. The skort / Zara
The skort - a combo of shorts and a skirt - is another one of this summer's trends, and it's been all over the blogosphere. I haven't seen a single one in use in Finland, though. So pretty!

4. Shirt with contrasting collar / Zara
I finally got my "something with a pleather detail" :)

5. Floral print trousers / Zara
Dark florals are this fall's hit print among tartan.

6. Black dress / Max&Co.
Now I have a great everyday black dress that goes in parties too, yay!

What do you say - good buys? Yes? No? There can never be too much black in a wardrobe, right?

P.S. There will be no more blog posts this week since I'm concentrating on studying for an exam and I'm also taking a weekend trip! You'll find out more about that next week, I'll be back with lots of photos. See you then darlings, have a great week :)