Wednesday, July 17, 2013


I'm crazy about vintage style leather bags. Backpacks, satchels, briefcases, handbags, camera packs - anything. I thought I'd tip you guys of two English brands that make perfection happen when it comes to genuine leather.

Grafea creates beautiful, classic leather bags. The brand was created when Hari, the founder, wanted to make vintage style leather bags available somewhere else than in flea markets. Their target is to make something that will be valued even in 60 or 70 years' time.

Most of Grafea's designs come in black, chocolate and what in my opinion is the most delicious caramel brown you'll find in the market. They also have a line of backpacks in bright colours such as yellow and pink. I would probably have about 10 of their bags if my student budget allowed it... Right now I'm especially dreaming of their camera bag, 'Photo', since my old one resigned itself from service.

Oh, and from my experience, their shipping service is quick and easy! 

Items pictured (photo credits go to Grafea):
1. ShowBusiness in caramel (as many of you may have observed, I have this one and LOVE it!)
2. Bianca, part of the colourful Hari rucksack collection, styled in the picture by Kryz Uy
3. Timeless Classic II
4. Railway

The quality bags of Beara Beara are inspired by vintage Andean cloths, 'aguayos'. The founder, Jake Bullough, met a family in Bolivia who have been making and selling leather bags for many years in La Paz, and he decided to collaborate with them. This resulted in unique bags and helping a third world country with employment. 

I have one of Beara Beara's pieces at the top of my shopping list, the 'Mochata' backpack in aqua! I wouldn't mind one of their brilliant mahogany brown satchels, either :)

Items pictured (photo credits go to Beara Beara):
1. Santa Anna
2. Mochita - super cute!
3. Luna
4. Stefano

What do you guys think - which are your favourite designs? And would you like me to do more of these tip posts? :)

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