Friday, June 28, 2013


Hey babes and sorry for the long time no see! I've been enjoying the summer wholeheartedly, and even though I like blogging, I've felt like having a break from the Internet world for a while. But here I am again, with some summer shots I've taken during the weeks! (There won't be a photo a day since some of my days have been so uneventful that there's been simply nothing to take photos of.)

15062013: BBQ at our summer cottage.
16062013: Reading the Fellowship of the Ring by the fireplace on a rainy day. I've actually never read the LOTR books before - I'm now working on the second one and loving them!
17062013: Went shopping with my mum and bought the perfect knit I've been looking for. Afterwards I curled up on the bed for some more LOTR. It rained still.
18062013: Sunbathing at our summer cottage!
20062013: My best friend's 21st birthday. She looked so cute with her boyfriend. :)
21062013-23062013: Midsummer and some Finnish white nights. On Friday I was at my friend's house for a BBQ, on Saturday I visited my grandparents and on Sunday we took a trip to the summer cottage. (I fell in love with my grandma's serengeti sunglasses, I've GOT to get a pair of these!)
26062013: At the beach with a couple of my dearest friends. There were lots of kids playing and eating ice cream, so I instagrammed them (naturally).
Next up: a weekend trip with three girlfriends! Enjoy the last weekend of June everyone!

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