Thursday, June 13, 2013


04062013: Shopping and roaming around Helsinki, which was filled with summer.
05062013: On a picnic in Suomenlinna, a historical island near the coast of Helsinki. I've been to Suomenlinna loads of times, but didn't remember how beautiful it is during summertime. Some of the old buildings reminded me of the Shire from LOTR!
06062013 - 09062013: A weekend trip to Tampere with a bunch of friends. We stayed at a camping area located on the shore of Näsijärvi. I have lots of photos from this weekend, but most of them are of my friends, who I prefer to keep anonymous - this is why I'll just post a few photos to show you the general feeling :) 

So, that's what my first week of the summer holidays was like! The weather was amazingly warm and sunny, which hasn't been the case this week... It's mostly been raining and I've stayed indoors reading books and watching movies. It's actually been just what I needed after the crazy schoolyear! I don't have any photos to post from the past few days, though, they'd bore you to death.
This weekend I'm going to our summer cottage and staying there probably until Wednesday or so. This means that there won't really be posting since the Internet connection isn't that great (and, to be honest, I need a break from all the Facebook surfing...). I'll post my daily summer photos afterwards, though! :)

Have a lovely day.


  1. so pretty!! seems like such a lovely first week of the summer holidays! :-)

    Francesca xo