Monday, May 13, 2013


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In case you guys haven't noticed yet, I'm in love with Monki clothes.

I am so excited about summer! The problem is, few of the shorts I bought last year fit me (oops..). I know that it's only a matter of time that they'll fit me again since I'm eating healthy and exercising, but meanwhile, I need something to wear as it gets hotter outside!

Ok, ok, what a lame excuse for wanting to buy new clothes, since extra kilos don't really matter when it comes to loose tops. I need new summery shirts, though - it seems like everything in my wardrobe is black or white (or burgundy), and it would be nice to wear more colours during the summer. This spring, I'm especially looking after cropped tops, cool prints and high-waisted denim. Also, the denim parka/hoodie above would be great for those chilly Finnish summer nights :) Oh, I want to get the lot...

I also need new sandals/ballet flats, I've worn out all my previous ones. I did find the perfect maxi dress I've been looking for, though, I'll show it to you in outfit shots later (I can't believe that I bought something black again, but at least I have a coral red bag now, yay!). 

What are your summer essentials this year?

//Edit: (1.26 pm) This morning, I decided to reward myself for studying so hard, and after trying loads of stuff on, I bought 3 of the items above + 2 other things. Any guesses on which ones I got? ;)


  1. I LOVE the denim hoodie. I think all these items are lovely for summer. I'm really needing new dresses this year!

    Francesca xo

    1. I love it too, but unfortunately, I couldn't find it in the store :( boohoo!

  2. Ihania kaikki noi Monkin vaatteet, itsekkin kulutan rahaa siihen putiikkiin varmaan ihan liikaa:D<3!