Tuesday, May 7, 2013


Hey! I'm back! Not that I ever really was away. I've been thinking about you all the time, but oh. My time has been so limited. I've enjoyed every second of the past month although there have been some really stressful moments, too. I had my first Vappu (a traditional Finnish first of May celebration) as a student and it was awesome! Getting back to my normal routines now feels great though.

Have you seen the weather outside?! It's gorgeous! I saw some wood anemone outside today. Oh, my heart leaps every time I see a new sign of summer.

Anyway. I wanted to show you some of my favourite things at the moment. I bought some Clipper tea and special honey from an eco market called Ruohonjuuri today - I tasted them at a friend's place and fell in love with the herbs. I got liquorice, Indian chai and lemon & ginger! The Aussie hair products have also been spicing up my days since they fill the bathroom with a wonderful scent every time I wash my hair :) And, of course, the bright coral Mango bag. It reminded me of the Furla Candy (which is way too expensive for a student to afford) and was on sale so I just had to get it. Oh, I'm full of light thoughts right now!

Before summer I still have loads and loads of schoolwork, but I really don't mind. Everything just feels great. I have lots of ideas for this blog which I'll hopefully have time to fulfil during the summer. But before we get there, I'll try to update whenever I can. Stay tuned babies!

I wish everyone a week full of sunshine!

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