Monday, April 8, 2013


If there's one area in my wardrobe that needs to be extended, it's my collection of skirts - and by "collection" I mean one or two old pieces that don't even really match my body type. I'd really love a cute floral one and a leather look-a-like! All of the skirts above are from Asos. I like the way they've styled them; baggy sweatshirts, clean-cut t-shirts and crochet vests. Summerwear at its best!
I've been looking for the perfect maxi for over a year now, and this Mango maxi just might be the one! I want it in all colours! Let's just hope that it fits me when I get around to trying it on :)

So yeah. What else. Umm. It's ridiculously cold outside, we just got more snow even though it's April already. And I'm going to be super busy before May, so there might not be too many posts up here. But it'll get better in May and especially during the summer months, I promise! I can't wait for warmer weather and being able to wear summer clothing, yay. :) Have a nice week everyone!


  1. It's so ridiculously cold here too! I would give anything to wear skirts

  2. Oih, toi Mangon vaaleansininen hame<3!

    Luin just et kunnon kesäsäät alkaa vasta syys-lokakuussa, että sitä odotellessa sitten...

    1. No en kyllä ihmettelis tällä menolla :D Ihan uskomatonta et on muka kolme viikkoa vappuun. Mut joo, himoitsen noita Mangon ihanuuksia kans :)