Monday, April 15, 2013


Some photos from my trip to Turku this weekend! It was super nice to see my cousin and meet some of her fellow exchange students. I didn't really take photos on Saturday when we walked around town since the weather was depressing, but on our Sunday brunch I just couldn't resist taking pictures of just about everything. We had brunch at Blanko, a cute cafe in the city center. It was a bit pricey but I loved everything I tried - I forgot my clean eating habits for a moment and ate as much as I could...

Anyway. This week. Sunshine, schoolwork, running and BodyPump. My health project has started well (except for the mega brunch part), I went running three times last week and it felt amazing after a long break. Before summer my blog will probably be more about fitness and eating healthy than fashion because I'm concentrating on that side of my life right now, I hope that's ok with you guys! 

Have an active week babies! :)

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