Saturday, February 9, 2013


Hey there and sorry for the absence! Next week I have to turn in two group assignments and three other assignments that have to be done individually. I'm swamped with work, which is yet again my excuse for not blogging. The amount of work to be done to gain one study credit varies greatly between different universities in Finland. If students at my uni want good marks there'd be no other life than school for us, while others just read a book and go to an exam and get like 8 credits for it. So unfair.

Anyway, if you want to get glimpses of my everyday life when I'm too busy to blog, follow me on Instagram! I got it a week ago when I bought my new phone and since then I've been going crazy taking photos of my food and adding cute retro filters to the pics, so useful, haha. Anyway, you can find me under the name joannamarjaana.

Argh could someone please make a day last more than 24 hours? Thanks, that'd be great.

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