Wednesday, February 27, 2013


 1. I decided it was time for spring, so florals. hihi. + second hand sneakers. / 2. The sun is coming out (?) / 3. Snowy trees. Pretty, yeah, but I'm starting to get enough of this cold. / 4. At the gym yay!
 1. Photoshooting / 2. Sunday salad with friends :) / 3. Shopping! / 4. Movie night

1. Coke from a glass bottle :) / 2. Silver nails! / 3. CTRL / 4. Pasta at Vapiano

Yesterday I went to the doctor's and got antibiotics for this flu. I hope I get rid of it soon. As you can see, I already started going to the gym after a long break, and having these meds means I really shouldn't be doing any exercise, blah. Well, I'm starting again next week since it felt great to get moving again!

Have a nice week everyone  


  1. ihania ihania kuvia! :)

    ps. mulla on sulle tunnustus mun blogissa :)

    1. oi kiitos!!:) ihana kuulla että tykkäät :)

  2. Onpa sulla kiva blogi! =) Mä liityn lukijaksesi!