Friday, February 15, 2013

Hi guys! I should be sleeping already. Today (well, I should probably call it yesterday since it's after midnight) I turned in 3 assignments and worked on a fourth one that has to be turned in tomorrow. I also still have maths to do for tomorrow (well ok, today) and I have no idea when my brain gets to rest.

Anyway. Since it's been such a crazy week I wanted to do something that I like. And that happens to be going through web shops and making a collage out of the pretty things I'd want for this spring. As you can see, there's some army green, bright patterns and denim. I have been drooling over the perfect pair of boyfriend jeans for such a long time - they'd look great paired with black pumps! I also love the dip dyed shorts. I didn't get a pair when the trend started a year ago, but apparently they're still going strong and, let's face it, they look oh-so-cute.

I know that this is the third wishlist post where I've included the Kånken backpack. But you know, I've finally settled on the colour! A while ago I was into the burgundy one, but since I couldn't find it anywhere I had to change my plans. Now I really want the pink one, it'll light up any summer outfit. Hee hee. 

In addition to these I'd like a huge pile of different coloured blouses. But no can do when you don't have the money! Choices, choices...

What do you think? What are your must haves for this spring?

Now I will finally get into bed and skip those math problems. Good night loviedovies, I hope everyone had a better Valentine's day than I did!


  1. En oo ite mikään Kånkenin suurimpia kannattajia, mutten kyl ollenkaan vihaakaan niitä. Mutta, toi vaaleanpunainen jotenkin iski! Se näyttää tosi hauskalat:D Go for it! Ja muista, niin rakastan noita Ginan boyfriendejä ja tota BikBokin toppia! Haluisin noi iteki!:D Muusta en osaa sanoa mitä haluisin kevääks, kun oon jotenkin koko ajan niin sekaisin siitä, että minkälaisia ja tyylisiä vaatteita haluisin käyttää..:D Tarvisin jonkun tyylitietoisen stylistiks, vaikka sut ja Melissa kun tuutte Tallinnaan, hahaha

    1. Hihi minä ja melissa varmasti mielellämme toimitaan shoppailuassistentteina!:) ja Kånken sekä ginan boyfriendit löytyykin jo kaapista, laitan kohta kun ehdin postausta keväthankinnoista;)