Friday, February 1, 2013

1. I speak four languages. Finnish is my mother tongue and English is my second language - I learned it at the age of three and am fluent in it. I studied French at school for 10 years and I have relatives in France so I've heard a lot of French as a kid - due to this the pronounciation has been easy for me to learn. I also speak Swedish because it's the second official language of Finland.

2. I'm a perfectionist. I set ridiculously high standards for myself and get anxious if (when) I don't reach them. I like doing things thoroughly but I often stress too much.

3. There's a little nerd inside me. Seriously, I can do some programming.

4. I love Harry Potter.

5. I'm pretty good at drawing. I can sketch quite accurately human faces etc if I'm allowed to look at some picture - I can't do it off by heart, I'm not really creative in that way.

6. I'm quite emotional and sensitive. A little too sensitive, perhaps. I have a tendency to be in a sad mood and I don't like it. I really try to smile more :)

7. I should totally start a blog about my first world probelms, it would be hilarious.

8. My toes are always cold :( I mean ALWAYS.

9. I am currently reading Zadie Smith's On Beauty. So far it seems great.

10. I bought a new phone today - a Samsung Galaxy s III ! Now I'll have Instagram too, woop woop I'm so excited! Stay tuned :)

So now you know a little bit more about me. Tonight I'm going to relax and watch Twilight, haha. Have a lovely Friday everybody!


  1. yay I love these '10 facts about me' they're so interesting haha.
    You are so gifted to be able to speak FOUR languages! (and here's me wishing I could speak two!)

    Francesca xo

    1. hey thanks :) yeah well my french and swedish aren't super fluent but I can still say that I speak them pretty well :)

  2. This was nice to read :D and my toes are also constantly cold!

    1. haha it's the most annoying thing ever!! :D

  3. joannnaa mul on ikävä, nähään joku päivä! huhhuh muistatko vuos takaperin missä sitä aina istuttiinkaan, oon kyllä niin tyytyväinen tähän hetkeen :D we both did it ;)ps.oot taas niin nättinä<3

    1. hei just mietin sua tässä yks päivä ja sitä että pitäis nähä :) nyt mä saattaisin jopa ehtiä joku päivä :D mut joo ei oo kyl ikävä viime vuotta!