Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Parka - Vero Moda / Blouse, knit, shorts - Monki / Shoes - Jeffrey Campbell

Guys you have no idea how long it took me to get these photos up! (well, they were shot on Saturday, so go figure.) The reason is that a week ago I bought a laptop of my own - up til now I've been using my mother's laptop since I don't have a desktop at my appartment. After pondering for a long while I decided on a Mac. I've always been a PC user before and although I'm really quick at learning to use new software, it's taken some time to find a free and somewhat good photo editing program and getting used to it, and the OS X. But I've got to say that I'm already in love with my new baby - a 13'' MacBook Pro with a Retina display ;)

This month is really turning into a period of updating my hardware since I managed to lose my phone on Sunday. I've been meaning to get a new phone soon, anyway, but now I actually have a good reason to do it so I'm not THAT pissed. I keep forgetting that I don't have a phone, though. I had to download an alarm app for my Mac because I couldn't wake up to the sound of my phone's alarm. Before I realized I could download an app I almost asked for my friend to call me in the morning because of the lack of an alarm. Felt a bit dumb after that.

Anyway. I'm tired. Good night sweeties.


  1. Ihana asu! Noi kengät ja kaikki, rakastuin<3!

  2. You look so super cute! I missed your posts! :)

  3. tykkään tosta sun takista niin kovasti! :)

    1. Kiitos, mäkin! Se alkaa vaan olemaan vähän vanha ja nuhjuinen :( aika monta talvea se on jo uskollisesti palvellut!