Friday, January 4, 2013

I already did a post on my favourite 2012 outfits, but I feel like I want to tell you lads about my favourite moments in 2012, too. So no, you're not getting rid of these end-of-the-year posts all bloggers have been doing lately just yet. Let's get started. In 2012 I...

♥ Created this blog.
♥ Bought my Canon EOS 7D and started learning how to take good photos.
♥ Spent the whole spring studying maths for my university entrance exam.
♥ Was quite down for a while, but managed to pull myself together towards the end of the year.
Worked as a substitute teacher in an elementary school.
♥ Had a horrible summer job at a diner, but enjoyed every moment of the warm months whenever I had a day off. 
♥ Went to Weekend festival with some friends to see Skrillex. 

♥ Went to Bourgogne, France in the summer with my choir.
♥ Threw a crazy party when I heard I got accepted to uni among with a bunch of other friends.
♥ Visited Turku where my half french cousin spent the autumn as an exchange student.
♥ Went to Tallinn with one of my best friends to visit another of my best friends who studies there.
♥ Started my studies at uni and had the busiest autumn ever.
♥ Moved away from my parents'.
♥ Made a lot of new friends.
Loved the white Christmas.
♥ Stole my dad's fur hat.
♥ Got lots of pretty new clothes, hee hee.
♥ Quit singing in the childrens'/youth choir I had been in for ages and started in a more mature one.
♥ And, last but not least - turned 20 on the 29th of December! (Which I have completely left unmentioned in this blog. But yay, I did.)  

All in all, 2012 was certainly not the best year I have had, nor was it the worst one - but it was definitely a year of mental growth and starting an independent life. And I am pretty damn proud of surviving it. Next up: 2013. Bring it on.