Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Remember when I told you I got a little Christmas present for myself? Well, this is it! A pearl embroidered clutch to wear with the black Mango dress in a few weeks at the ball I'm going to. yay :)

Today it is Boxing day, which means it's also my mother's birthday. We woke up early with my family to make a nice breakfast for her with fresh goods like fruit salad and berries. After that we took a walk outside in the -15 C weather - some of us were freezing, whereas I was all layered up in insulated outerwear along with a pair of uggs and a fur hat. Going to the sauna afterwards felt great.

Now it's time for lunch at our grandparents', and in the evening we're going to the cinema to watch the Hobbit. Laters!


  1. Ihanan kuuloinen päivä, sano äidilles onnee meiltä kaikilta!<3 Ja superhieno uusi clutchi, vaauuu!!

    1. Hei kiitos <3 äiti sanoo myös kiitos ja käskee sanomaan takaisin että täällä ihanan jouluinen sää eikä haluaisi yhtään olla karibialla;)

  2. mä rakastan tota clutchia! :)