Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Remember the post where I wondered which dress I should get for the ball I'm going to in a few months? Well, I finally found the one! Black, genuine silk, from Mango. Not too dressy, not too plain. Ah.

I'm currently working on the last school project I have to turn in before the holidays (and trying not to think about the massive project that I have to turn in after Christmas). So that's why there's been no posts  :( I'm trying to keep school as the most important thing right now - I've been doing ok but I could do better and it bothers me that I'm not living up to the standards I normally set for myself. Also, taking outfit shots is hard when a) I don't live at my parents' anymore so I can't beg my sister to take photos of me quite so often and b) the icy wind bites straight into your bones the moment you step outside and c) trying to take pictures after 4 pm in the winter in Finland is a waste of time since the sky is pitch black by 5 pm. But I will try to get more pictures taken. The reason why I'm explaining this is because this blog is like a project of mine, something I want to do well - not only for you guys who read my posts, but for myself, too, since I actually enjoy blogging. But at least now you know where I stand. :)

Have a great day everyone, and you fellow Finns, try to survive the ice age out there!


  1. whoa, love that dress! stunning :O

    xo, Hanna

  2. Ihan täydellinen toi mekko, oon itekkin katellut samaa:). Eikö noita ollut myös muitakin värejä? Muistaakseni näin punaisen:D.

    Tiedän niin ton tunteen! Ulkona on älyttömän kylmä, eikä kovin moni innostu kavaajaksi... Kaiken lisäksi on vielä niin pimeääkin:/.

    Yritä jaksaa opiskella:)!

    1. Joo punaisena on myös! :) päädyin kuitenkin mustaan kun se on jotenki yksinkertaisuudessaan niin juhlava.

      Kiitos tsempistä :)