Thursday, November 15, 2012

Some photos from last summer. It's weird how looking back a few months you can realize your life is totally different from what it was before. In my case, different in a good way. 

So today and tomorrow and the past week have been (and will be) CRAZYYYYY! I feel like I've NEVER been in such a hurry before. Tomorrow we freshmen have to organize this huge party for older students (an anniversary-kind-of-thing) and, for some reason unknown to mankind, I have gathered myself some more responsibilites because the others I already had simply weren't enough, and am leading the project. And doing about a hundred things at a time. This leaves me doing schoolwork at night - I was at the school at 3am last night going mental over a project.

I guess it'll feel rewarding when (if) everything goes well tomorrow. AND the best part of the night is that we're going to do this small freshman musical and it's going to be legen- wait for it -dary!!!! I'm in one of the leading roles due to my singing background, feeling a little anxious although I know it's nothing big. Wish me luck people and have a great weekend, I'll get back to you later on how everything went!


  1. Oi ihanan kuuloset biilet, good luck dear!:)

  2. kuulostaa ehk oudolt mut kirjotat tosi sujuvasti englantii, mukavaa vaihteluu :)

    1. hei kiitos paljon :) opin tosiaan puhumaan englantia n. 2-vuotiaana ja kävin enkunkielisen koulun niin siitä johtuu!

  3. Heips, sut on haastettu:) Tsek!