Saturday, November 3, 2012


Good evening people! How have your weeks been? Mine has been totally full and crazy. Yes, once again. I'm sorry that I always go on and on about this, but I seriously need to start thinking how to organize my life and whether I could leave something out since this ongoing stress is really frustrating and it leaves me exhausted every night. My blog is something I really want to find more time for. I hope you'll keep on reading despite the lack of posts recently, I promise I'll try to get more writing and photographing done - this is something I actually like doing.

 Anyway! Today we watched Grease with my sister. I needed something to give my brain a little break after finishing my school work at 3am last night. Seeing Sandy's leather oufit gave me immense inspiration for doing black, edgy outfits. Damn how I miss having time to put thought into how I dress. If you guys there on the other side of the screen have the time I don't, I suggest you put something black and something leather on some day and combine it with a printed college shirt or torn jeans. Skip out on the cigarette Sandy's smoking in the picture, though!

Have a nice weekend :) kisses

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