Friday, October 5, 2012

homesick 'cause i no longer know where home is

What have I been doing since I haven't been seen in the blogosphere in over a week?

The answer is simple: trying to survive my schedule. Moving into an apartment that doesn't feel like home yet. Doing schoolwork. Trying to get rid of the flu that's been pestering me for weeks, but not succeeding since I have to run from place A to place B all day long. Feeling a little off. Melancholic.

At least I can find comfort in the luscious scent of Aussie hair products (which, by the way, are not only about brand hype as I previously thought - they actually do make your hair look great!) and my cute Monki socks. :)

Hope you're having a better time than I am, babies!

Ps. Kings of Convenience - Homesick


  1. Awh I love your socks, they're cute! & I also use Aussie hair shampoo, it smells SO good! I am sure that you will get used to your new life. Just stay strong and when you're feeling down think about the people that are suffering in poor countries, which should make you feel lucky compared to the lives they are living. This is what I do when I feel sad. Good luck, you'll make it through :)

    1. Hey, I do the exact same thing! It helps put things in a perspective... At least I have food and a home and a great place to study. :) Thanks!

  2. en malta oottaa et pääsen käymää sun luona!! koita jaksaa murunen<3