Tuesday, September 25, 2012


Ok so I'm back from Tallinn! As I told you earlier, I was there with a few friends to see Annina, who has started her studies there this autumn. Pros of the trip: the extremely beautiful old city, the cheap and good food, my lovely friends. We also met up with an Estonian guy who one of our friends knew and tried to speak Finnish/Estonian since the languages are related closely. We could understand each other well enough to have a simple conversation, which was really cool since normally there's absolutely no use of Finnish abroad. Also, my French cousin who's in Finland for her Eramus exchange was there with her Erasmus friends from different countries! Cons: I got a really nasty flu (probably on Saturday night when the rain was pouring on us and I was only wearing a dress and a blazer). And I didn't find anything in the shops. Well, actually, that should be listed as a pro since I should be saving up... Anywaysssss, here come the photos :)

A place you should definitely visit if you ever go to Tallinn is Kompressor, "the legendary pancake house", Rataskaevu 3. They have a large selection of pancakes to choose from, and although the salty ones looked delicious, I just had to go with strawberries, cottage cheese and whipped cream... Only for 4 euros a piece :)

Another place to visit is Reval Café, Vene 1. It was the cutest café ever with its old furniture and patterned chairs!

The brunch Annina made us on Sunday morning. Waffles, fresh bread, fruit, champagne... Thanks honey, it was heavenly! :)

So that pretty much sums up my trip! Oh, and there's still one place I should mention: F-hoone, Telliskivi 60. It was the most amazing restaurant - an old industrial building turned into a loft of some sorts. It's a little further away from the center, not on the best area, but definitely worth going. I had a creamy forest mushroom pasta with white wine sauce and it was one of the best dishes I've ever had in my life, for 5.10 €. Incredible.

Now I'll get back to my school work - I'm trying to get something useful done despite the fact that I'm home with a really sore throat and a runny nose. Hope you have a great week babies :)

Ps. I really hope you can see the photos, for some reason they don't seem to be working. 
Pps. If you're interested in more tips on what to do in Tallinn, you should check out Annina's blog. Click here to get there!


  1. Ihania kuvia:)!

    Hei, saat Oasapilta 21% alennusta, jos käytät koodia IAS. Tälläin ihan by the way:D.

  2. Pidän kuvista!! :) tallinna on kyllä niiin nätti

    1. Kiiitos :) no niin on, miksei Suomessa oo mitään samanlaista??

  3. Thanks for this blog. I was wondering about going on holiday here maybe for an autumn break. It certainly looks unique! (:

    1. No problem, glad you liked it (: you definitely should, it's a wonderful place!