Sunday, September 23, 2012


 All pictures: Pull&Bear

This is a timed post - right now I'm roaming the streets of Tallinn with a friend of mine! We decided to pay our other friend a visit since she started her studies in Tallinn this autumn. Anyway, we don't have stores such as Pull&Bear, Stradivarius and Bershka in Finland, so they're the ones I'm really looking forward to visit. I searched Pull&Bear's site for some shopping inspiration (which I shouldn't have done), and these are the pieces I loved the most. My old army green parka isn't in that good of a condition anymore, so I'd love the ochre one above. I would also like a basic white blouse, one that fits well - I have a few but they're too big/loose, and not in a cute way. Ohh dearr, my wallet says no but my heart says yes!

Sorry for the lack of posts lately. My schedule is just so full that I wake up early every morning and come home late at night (at which point I start working on my school stuff). My life is filled with school, choir practice and uni parties. I'm exhausted, but happy, too. The past weeks have been among the best I've ever experienced, and older students keep telling me that it gets better all the time. The subjects I take are interesting, my new friends are awesome and the parties we've had have been crazy. I hope that it'll calm down a little as the weeks go by, though, since I need some time to focus on this blog, too. I should also be moving away from my parents' in about a week. And I haven't packed a thing. And I won't have time to do it before the actual moving day. Oh well.

I'll get back to you in a few days' time with photos from Tallinn (which will, hopefully, include some outfit shots). Have a great weekend babies! :)


  1. itse asiassa Ware housessa myydään ainaki ideaparkissa Bershkan vaatteita :))