Tuesday, August 28, 2012


Socrota Top - Angelica Blick for NLY Trend / Oliva LS Jacket - Alexa Chung for Vero Moda / Scarves and flannel shirt - Monki

I decided to post some pictures of my fall shoppings to avoid this blog from transforming into a tourism site. I have promised myself that I am now officially done with buying clothes for autumn since my wallet is already crying out for help. Here is how I justify buying these: a) I always wear out my scarves in one winter because of the pouring snow, b) Burgundy and emerald are among the hottest colours this season, c) I don't have a beige blouse and d) they're all just so cute.
I swear I'm not buying anything for months. Except, perhaps, for a pretty leather skirt... No! This must end now!
I need to save up some money because - wait for it - I'M MOVING OUT FROM MY PARENTS' IN OCTOBER!! Independent life, here I come! Freaking scared and nervous but so excited, too. :) Just wanted to share this with you, now I'm off to bed! Nighty night


  1. hei onneks olkoon! muutatko itekses vai kaverin kanssa ja minne päin? :)

  2. kaverin kanssa ja aika lähellä kotihoodseja pysytellään :)