Wednesday, August 29, 2012


Scarf & shirt - Monki / Glasses - Tiger of Sweden

Ok, I have never told you guys this, but I've worn glasses since the 5th grade. The reason you've never seen me bespectacled is that I wasn't that fond of my old glasses, although I liked them a few years ago when I got them. They were too official and seemed to hide my eyes, so I've mostly been wearing contacts for the last year. But these new ones I got yesterday - god I love them! Nerdy and somewhat catlike (you can't really see the corners of the glasses in these pics, they really do give a catlike impression). Perfection.


  1. Wow! That's the EXACT same for me! I have had glasses since I was 10, but I was far too self conscious to wear them .. Probably because I got green glasses! I recently bought some round tortoiseshell glasses :P I think you look so sophisticated and chic in your glasses! You should definitely wear them more now! :)

    1. I was really self conscious about my glasses too as a young kid! I only wore them in class to see the blackboard. And mine were blue, haha. But thanks, I'll definitely be wearing these more! They have a slight tortoiseshell pattern, too, it's just not visible in the pictures :)

  2. Oi, hauska sattuma, mulla on ollut silmälasit tismalleen yhtä pitkään. Hienot uudet lasit! :--)