Friday, August 3, 2012


1. Gina Tricot Johanna zip twill 2. Monki Sofy skirt 3. Monki Siv knit 4. Zoe Karssen Bat sweater 5. Monki Penny denim shirt 6. Michael Kors watch 7. Gina Tricot Chloe jeans 8. Melodica bag

The bright side of having worked all summer is that I've had a little money to gather somewhat of a fall wardrobe! As you can see, I'm currently obsessed with darker, earthy tones. That denim shirt will look perfect paired with the burgundy jeans, the MK watch and a pair of nude pumps. As for the Zoe Karssen sweater, I ordered it a few days ago from Nelly so it hasn't arrived yet and I can't be sure whether it fits right on me - but I do know that I'd love to wear it English school girl style over the Monki skirt. I can't wait for my studies to start in September so I'd actually get to wear this stuff! (On work days I wear work clothes and, thankfully, on my days off the weather is finally warm and I've made a pact with myself not to wear long trousers before autumn.)

Now I'm off to work - the countdown has started - only a week left!!