Tuesday, July 10, 2012


Sorry for the lousy blogging, guys. It's just that sometimes life is more important. I've been seeing a lot of friends and working, and my mind has been fixated on the fact that I got in to the uni that I wanted! Plan A will work out after all. So happy.

Anyway, here's a little sneak peek of what I bought at the Monki sales on Sunday. Something warm for autumn, and something not so warm for the remaining time of summer. More coming up later - believe it or not, I'm heading off to work again...


  1. haha joanna mulki on toi sama neule!!:D annina

  2. selkeästi hyvä valinta siis!! joo olin katellu tota jo aiemmin mut nyt kun oli alessa niin oli ihan pakko ostaa :)