Friday, July 13, 2012


I am not trading light shades into darker ones just yet, but since the weather isn't sunny at all outside this seems like a good moment to think about the upcoming fall. Every autumn dark, earthy tones come and the florals of summer go, and this fall one of the colours I'm definitely going to be wearing is burgundy. Last year this time I hated the colour, but my mind has changed and now I just can't seem to get enough of it :) I actually bought a pair of burgundy coloured jeans yesterday, but they'll have to go into my wardrobe to wait for cooler weather - I still have lots of ideas for the rest of the summer, like a super cute pastel toned outfit...


  1. According to the fashion shows, dark floral prints are going to be in for autumn 2012 also :) I can't bear the thought of ditching my lovely pastel outfits for dark colours!!!

    1. Yeah I know, I just bought a dark floral top as you can see in this thispost :) so something sweet for the autumn too! but yeah, pastels not so much... I guess we'll see them again next spring :(