Monday, June 25, 2012


Hey guys! I'm back in the city and had an awesome time at our summer cottage :) our midsummer consisted of friends, family, barbeque, lots of sunlight, the sea, the sauna and some rain, too. Today, for example, we did some forest work although the rain was pouring down on us. I guess it was kind of fun to chop some trees together with the whole family, haha. Felt kind of extreme with the rain and mud and everything!

Anyway, this is basically what I've looked like during the weekend. Very little makeup, messy hair and the DIY denim romper I posted about earlier. I'll have some proper outfit photos up tomorrow, but I just wanted to get something posted today! I have lots of pictures to show you, it'll just take some time to get all the 665 photos I took sorted out... See you tomorrow!

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