Saturday, June 30, 2012


I'm in love. With my new leather rucksack from Grafea, that is. I ordered it online over here and can strongly recommend the brand in question for everyone - the delivery from England to Finland was unbelievably fast, not to mention the fact that is was free! All of my essentials fit in the backpack perfectly, the leather is a beautiful caramel colour and its quality is outstanding. I can only wonder what to order next - perhaps a chocolate brown satchel for my school stuff?

The last few days have been amazing, ecstatic, really. Some of my dearest friends got their results back from med school and found out that they got in, and I am so happy that their dreams are finally coming true. I can only wish that I get the uni spot that I applied for, too :) have a nice weekend everyone!


  1. Superfin ju! Vilket kap :)

    / Sveriges nya mode- och bloggcommunity -

    1. Tackk, det tänker jag också! :)

  2. toi on kyllä aika täydellinen nahkareppu! =)