Saturday, April 21, 2012


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I love living in Finland, but one of the cons about it is the long, cold and dark winter. In the mid-winter we only have a few hours of light during the day, and after enduring this for several months, the first sunrays of spring seem to bring people to life again. This is why we Finns enjoy the short summer we get whole-heartedly. In Finland, summer is the complete opposite of winter - the sun shines even during the night, it's warm and the nature is full of life.
I can't wait for it to get warmer, for my uni entrance exams to be over and to finally get to relax. I decided to put together a moodboard thingy to show you what I expect of the summer - having fun with friends, hanging out at the beach, taking time to myself with a good book, picking blueberries in the forest, cycling in the city, sunbathing on the dock of our summer cottage and partying at festivals. And wearing cool denim shorts ;) Have a nice Saturday everyone!

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