Thursday, July 24, 2014


Top - Zara / Skirt - Monki / Shoes - Vagabond / Bag - Longchamp / Necklace - Kalevala Koru

Hey there! It's been a while again. And the first thing I want to tell you is that I feel really happy. Just happy because of the wonderful summer all around me. Us. This summer has been by far the best one I've lived; I've spent time on the countryside, attended Ruisrock festival, tanned (I swear! Even though I don't look like it in the photos), eaten a whole lot of ice cream and ridden my bike all around town. Tomorrow it's time for a weekend trip with two of my best friends. 

There are still loads of photos to show you guys. And they will eventually be posted. I just don't feel like spending a whole lot of time editing pictures when I can take in all the sunshine and the vitamin D I'll be missing in the winter.

Oh yeah, and about the outfit. The denim skirt is new! I've been looking for a skirt like this for ages, I love its 90s vibe. I got the same one in dark red, too.

Enjoy every moment of this amazing weather, guys (especially if you live in the Nordics, since soon it'll be all dark and gloomy again). Have a great weekend! :)

Thursday, June 26, 2014


Our second destination in Belgium was Brugge, a town the centre of which has been left in its medieval state and is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It was adorable, picturesque.

Trousers - Zara / Parka - Vero Moda (can't believe this one's lasted for about 5 years now) / Bag - Longchamp / Boots - Vagabond

Brugge's chocolate shops make you want to forget everything about diets that's ever crossed your mind.

We climbed the clock tower in the city centre, and met a great view at the top. I had no problem climbing upwards, but coming back down was terrifying since the steps were really narrow and you could see downwards and I'm a bit afraid of heights...

If you're visiting Brussels, hop on a train to Brugge - it's not costly and doesn't take long, and you'll meet quite a different scenery over there :) I'd recommend taking a day trip there. If you want to be touristy, there are horse carriages and river boats going around the town, but we preferred jut walking around.

Anyway, this week's been a bit of a bore, just work and grey weather. Today I'll be meeting up with some friends, though, and tomorrow I'm leaving for Eastern Finland with a group of friends, so I expect the atmosphere to go soaring upwards! Have a great weekend peops :)

Sunday, June 22, 2014


Tee - Gina Tricot / Romper - Broken Arrow (Carlings)
It's the last day of the midsummer weekend, and I'm still at our summer cottage with my parents. We've had a nice time even though the weather has been quite gloomy. I love the Finnish summer no matter what because of the amount of light, but it would be nice to have more than 16 degrees...

Me and my mum had fun doing some oil painting. I love drawing, but I've stayed away from oil painting since the age of 12 when I first tried it and found it desperately difficult. This time around it was different - I can't believe I've wasted all these years thinking I can't do it, I loved playing around with the colours and the result was good, too! This might well become one of my favourite pastimes.

Once again, I am forced to realize that I'm capable of a whole lot when I just believe in myself and put effort into it. And so are YOU. Don't underestimate yourselves, people; if there's something you really want to accomplish, remember that you're the only one keeping yourself from accomplishing it.